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Hello, I’m eiko

your friendly analytical enabler

one Trick Pony

I help companies, big & small, and even start-ups, to create their own analytical platform from idea to insight, from action to measured response. Sometimes I even help companies build their strategy on how to become analytical and data driven. I use all of the latest technologies and methodologies and, of course, I only work Agile.



Figuring out how to become analytically driven is not easy, you don’t need to figure it out alone.

Concepts and Ideas

My friends are great at using insights to fuel new business concepts and ideas, and they’ll be happy to show you how!


Information Architecture

Wow, two abstract words in one title! Don’t worry, as part of your journey my friends can help you master the basics and give new depth to your data.

Ingestion and ETL

Ingesting data in a clever way is key to succeeding in understanding your business and unleashing the potential of your data. Having a great structure is essentially like keeping your house clean.

Reporting and BI

We consume data to create insights, and we eat with our eyes ergo a delicious “meal” should also be pleasing to the eyes! Making things beautiful is one of my favorit things to do!

Analytics & Insights

You know those magicians called statisticians and data scientist? I’m friends with those two! And They want to empower You to become a citizen data scientist to turn data into information, and turn information to insights!

Make Your Data a Priority.

I certainly will.

But remember, becoming analytically driven is more than only the data…

The main challenge in becoming a truly analytical company is in how you actually utilize your data and how you start driving decisions through data instead of only feeling. That means that you can unleash your creativity to focus on figuring out new actions to drive your business based on true insights and knowledge instead of playing the guessing game.

… it’s also how we should work together…

Becoming analytically driven is more than “just” technology, it’s at least as much about the team that builds. To become truly successful, the development need to be business centric and, I believe, agile.

… and at the heart of it all, is you and your business needs.

Business centric development means that You and Your business needs are always at the heart, driving everything. I’m your enabler.

Turn your data into INSIGHTS today. MAXIMIZE the potential of your business.

“Data scientists are involved with gathering data, massaging it into a tractable form, making it tell its story, and presenting that story to others.”

Mike Loukides, VP @ O’Reilly Media

“Big Data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.”

Dan Ariely, Author of Predictably Irrational

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Let’s Start a Conversation

– I prefer individuals and interactions, over processes and tools so drop me a line and i’ll get back to you!