THis is us

well, metaphorically speaking at least. If you get the picture, we’ll do an information modelling and prototyping session with you for free!

who we are

We are a team that loves to empower others with analytics and automation, we are passionate about technology and even more so of understanding our clients’ challenges and helping them find solutions.

We are fearless in facing complex problems and do so by always striving  for simplicity and working solutions over complicated ones. We embrace challenges and find ways to iteratively create business value with each step we take.

We are cross-functional specialists with a wide variety of backgrounds, from fullstack developers, statisticians, physicists, engineers, agile coaches to data warehouse, big data and BI specialist. Our diverse backgrounds and openness makes us creative and gives us the ability to constantly and effectively challenge the status quo.


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Our DNA is defined by agile methodologies and we incorporate the manifesto in our day to day operations.


We encourage creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset and we do so by constantly challenging the way we do things. This is the way we always stay on top!



With transparency in our core we create an environment that is always open for feedback and which breeds trust

Our Vision: To democratize insights

Our Vision

We want to democratize insights!

We want to enable our clients, big or small,  analytically. We want them to have the ability to become fully fledged citizen data scientist and we do it through technology, methodology and strategy.

What we do

We help our clients with their journey to become agile, analytical and data driven. Not only through technology but also through helping to create strong agile organizations and platforms. As a true testament to our devotion to cutting edge solutions, we are also developing an inhouse real-time analytical platform to hone our skills and be able to offer our clients quick access to white-labeled implementations of it when required.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide and lead you in realizing value out of your data, turning it into actionable insights. To get you and your organization all the way to become analytically driven and independent. Simply put, our mission is to enable you to be more!

Our team

Zahra Ezati

Zahra Ezati

Big Data Specialist

Magnus Johansson

Magnus Johansson

Full Stack Developer

Ali Atighefrosh

Ali Atighefrosh

Founding Partner

Siavoush Mohammadi

Siavoush Mohammadi

Founding Partner

Data is the new oil, are you on top of yours?

Become a part of the team

We are currently looking for Data Engineers, Scrum Masters, Data Scientists, Full Stack Developers and Back-end developers who have a paramount technical interest and consequently follow up to date with developments in your field of expertise. We would like you to love working in a group and deeply problem-solving. You also need to be independent and self-propelled.

So send us your CV at and if you have any question feel free to write to us.