Figuring out how to become analytically driven is not easy, you don’t need to figure it out alone.

Agile way of working

We are all about agile and try to apply the mindset in our DNA. We are so passionate about it so that we can help you out too. Just let us know.


Information Architecture

Wow, two abstract words in one title! Don’t worry, as part of your journey our competent team can help you master the basics and give new depth to your data.

Ingestion and ETL

Ingesting data in a clever way is key to succeeding in understanding your business and unleashing the potential of your data. Having a great structure is essentially like keeping your house clean.

Reporting and BI

We consume data to create insights, and we eat with our eyes ergo, a delicious “meal” should also be pleasing to the eyes! Making things beautiful is one of our favourite things to do!

Analytics & Insights

You know those magicians called statisticians and data scientists? Eiko is friends with those two and want to empower you to become a citizen data scientist to turn data into information, and turn information to insights!

What we do

Eiko Setup

  • Need help setting up Eiko in your organization? We can help you out. Contact us.
  • We can also teach you how to work with Eiko long term and sustainably.


  • Cross functional specialists consisting of Full stack developer, BI Architect, Big Data Specialist, Data Scientist, Scrum Master and Solution Architect.
  • Consulting at different companies.